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We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
George Bernard Shaw



Friday, June 22, 2012

Perrghh..wth is this?a blog?damn it have been almost centuries since I last open it. Oh my,I am laughing at myself. Well,. ehe,hello long lost blog, I'm back. I had finished my first year of being a LLB student and now looking foward for the next three hectic years to come. As for now,i am enjoying my holidays to fullest.Hence,that is all for now. See ya!

Friday, September 3, 2010

colours of friends and friendship...

Last night was an unforgettable night for me...
dominos, eat and settle things down...


  1. Hisyam : "band of brothers…"
  2. Ismat : "first and foremost,sorry arr, klaw aku ada salah dan silap…"
  3. Hamzah : "awek tak tentu kawen,member bawak ke mati…"
  4. P-dot : "minda yang tenang datang dari hati yg... "
  5. Roy : "aku call diaorang skali, terus diaorang dtg…"
  6. Fared : "aku sorang jer murtad dr teknik masuk law…"
  7. Raja : "aku dgr la nie…"
  8. Kesya : "klaw tgk cermin nampak depan jer,so..."
  9. Sharil :"aku klaw bleh tak nak keluarkan personaliti aku yg kedua nanti.."
  10. Puncher : "aaaaku,kita kena faham org lain(sharil-eeeyy tiru!)…"
  11. Kentang : "give and take…"
  12. Aiman : "takde ape arr,aku takde hal laa…"
  13. Fauzan : "tak call aku pun..sob2…"
  14. Me : "ble tayar motor korang pancit korang call sape mntak tolong?…"

well,it would not be enough if I write everything here about last nite...


  1. Hisyam : A friend that I would not bear to lost again..
  2. Ismat : A friend that try to be a good leader for sake of others..
  3. Hamzah : A friend that always think about others before himself
  4. P-dot : A friend that calm and make others smile
  5. Roy : A friend that seems to be otai but dalam hati ade taman
  6. Fared : A friend that seems to be blurr but turn out to be a such sensitive guy
  7. Raja : A friend that care and shows his love in his own way
  8. Kesya : A friend that make me laugh again and again
  9. Sharil : A friend that..hmm, my loveable roommate..
  10. Puncher : A friend that seems to be loading..haha..n cute
  11. Kentang : A friend that will be there to help
  12. Aiman : A friend that do whatever he likes but utter words that calms your heart
  13. Fauzan : A friend that hard to answer my question but hear everything u said
  14. Me : A friend that …I don’t know, what do you say?

p/s: syg,tq for being my love and lending me your ears to hear all my stories about our classmates,there is only one way two say three words four you.. I LOVE YOU :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today..i'm extremely happy..
eventhough she mad at mad at the morning with me because I "escaped" 3hours of arabic language lectures!hehehe..sorry syg,dear promise not to do it again... :)
so...why i'm happy?
because i have my breaking fast meal with you syg..hee..happy sesangat!
first time i have a meal with a girl other than my mom,sisters n relatives..
but it was fun,got to know you more n noe that u really2 love me..
n i love u 2..
enjoy your doughnuts..just 4 u syg( n ur friends if u want to give them..hee)
well..tak nak tulis panjang2,nanti ade org complain..

Monday, August 23, 2010


22ndAUGUST2010.. i'm feeling so happy on this date..hee
I break my fast wit my beloved Angah n baby to born Alia,abg Wan,my best friends Ghazali and Q(tok ketua)...and Anis Adibah binti Yusof...sygku :)
well,i din't plan to break fast with all this people..
In the morning,Ghazali call me and ask whether "bazaar ramadhan uia jauh tak??"
erk..."if from UM ko mmg laa jauh,dari uia nie dekat jerlaa.haha"
Then in the afternoon he ring me again and said he already at masjid uia..
what on earth is he doing there with Q??(of course laa to pray an,haha)
they asked me to bring them to the bazaar..
I said"weh,aku kat sphere,teman akak aku bli barang,tunggu kejap(lame sebenarnye,hehehe)”
Meanwhile,I was texting with my lovely Anis Adibah binti Yusof
“anis,nak daus beli ape2 tak?”
”emm,bleh jgak,tapi tak tau nak beli ape”
“bleh lak camtue,daus beli makanan utk brbuka?”consider the facts that I would go to bazaar after this..huhu
SUDDENLY,a crazy idea puff out..Why dun I just break my fast with her n angah n abg wan n my friends..heee.. 
“huh?ape?aaalaa,tak nak laa daus,,daaaaauus!”
Huhuhu..”daus dah cakap kat angahlaa,okey?bye”
Hehe..shy shy cat for a while to enter zc,luckily angah was wit us..tak laa segan sgt.. :p
Waiting for her,haih..what took you so long??
Finally she came and joined us..haaaa,I miss U syg..
Hahaha..laughter fills the air..
ILY SYG.. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy,Glad & Blissful.. ;)

today I'm very, extremely and tremendously happy,glad and blissful
because my lover wake me up for sahur
(well,usually I'm the one who wake her up, kan syg?huhu)..
we talk through the phone for an hour while we were eating..and
NUTELLA...syg,I want it too..hohoho..
we talk a lot an one of it about about Mrs. Dictionary also known as Princess Mia
also known as Mr. Dictionary lover who is also known as Mmmjah(Hamzah 'Azhan..)
who I chat with recently..huhuhu
she is so sweet like a big sister to me(don't get jealous syg,we were talking about you)..
feeling comfortable talking with her like we have known each other for such a long time..hoho
AND we talk about BABA(her daddy aka my future daddy in law,hope so la,hehe)
that sulking because she din't call him for a certain time..haha,
I ask her why then the answer is
"because i call u so much dear,after this can not call you anymore,need to call my baba,,hee)
huh,boleh plak camtue.. blewkkk :p
Haha,indeed we talk a lot through the phone..
but I wonder why we are speechlees in the real life world??
hmm,,WONDERING why..
can someone please explain to me about this unatural awkwardness between us.. :o
ermmm..a pleasant Saturday morning,
how i love to be in the weekend..
HOWEVER,today I have an English at the library at nine..arh,sleepy laaaa BUT don't worry madam..i'll go to your class..
I endeavored to be a gooooooood student... hehehe
very well,gtg

the end.. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I HATE.........

WELL, I hate the time when broke with my ex-girlfriend when I was 17, first love that I would never forget..
I had a first eyesight love..
cupid gather around me, struck me with love arrows again and again
until i can not stop staring at her lovely eyes..
day by day,I tried to hide my feelings from her until one day
it happens and from that moment love start to fill my empty spaces in my heart but
merely only for 3years...
Only god knows how much I miss her...
cupid struck me with their love arrows for the second time in my life,, :)
I am praying to god that my love now would last forever and after..
Sayang,please be the queen for my whole life because I love u so much and don't leave me..okay?

Friday, August 6, 2010